Friday, February 09, 2024

NC: Gunfight at Battery Store, Armed Victim and Suspect Exchange Shots

WFMY News 2 obtained 911 calls from the robbery. In one of the calls, an employee is heard telling the dispatcher that gunfire was exchanged between him and the suspect.

"Someone pulled out a firearm. They robbed me at gunpoint," the employee is heard telling the 911 operator. 

"He did shoot at me a couple times," the worker continued. 

The operator then asked if anyone was injured. 

The worker responded, "I may or may not have hit him. I can't tell. I don't believe that he hit me but he did shoot back. I didn't shoot back at him...He did start off by robbing me. He came in with a weapon. He came in with his revolver. I did pull out my gun. At first, I gave him the money, but then I pulled out my gun, told him to drop the money. So he dropped it, then he ran and pulled out his gun and started firing at me."


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