Friday, August 13, 2004


In the State of New South Wales

Toy gun a 'prohibited weapon' in Australia: "NSW Police have outlawed a toy pistol that has a similar appearance to a genuine Glock handgun and has bullets than can travel up to 30 metres. Police urged the public to keep the pistol out of circulation, since it could cause serious injury when fired. It could also be mistaken for a real weapon and cause "very serious repercussions" for everyone involved in an incident involving the toy, they said. A number of the toy pistols have been located in shops in the Sydney metropolitan area and on the NSW Central Coast, Deputy Commissioner Dave Madden said today. The toy is capable of firing a number of projectiles and can be reloaded with a separate magazine, he said."

An Australian gun advocate responds:

"Toy Guns should be encouraged, not Banned. Young people should have the opportunity to learn about self-control and Individual Responsibility and what better way than with a toy spring operated "air-safe" gun? There has never been a Death, nor any serious injury when these toy guns are used, in accordance with the instructions; schools in Europe even hold competitions with similar ones. To say that they "have a range of 30 metres" is deceptive, since at that distance the B B pellet would have no force left. At best, they have about as much "sting" as a well hit tennis ball.
No wonder we have so many Deaths and Injuries, when young people get behind the wheel of a high-powered car; for most, driving a car is the first time they have had to be in control of a potentially dangerous piece of machinery. Kids are deprived of learning safe use of a firearm at age 10 or 12, by the overprotective, State Government control freaks.

Is getting rid of toy guns REALLY the highest priority for Police Minister Watkins? Has he ignored the more than 80 armed hold-ups, in Sydney so far this year? (Criminals seem to have no problems getting hold of REAL guns, knives, hammers etc) Is he not aware that rape is at an all-time high?

Watkins's comment about "illegal handguns" and "30,000 weapons handed in" totally ignores the fact that all had been owned legally, by decent Law Abiding Citizens, who had never any intention of committing any crime. Not one handgun handed in was from a criminal.

The statement, "these replicas could be used by Criminals to intimidate innocent people", makes about as much sense as placing a ban on all cameras, because they could be used for Child Pornography! Are Police Minister Watkins and Deputy Madden for real, or are they playing a part in some modern day version of a Gilbert and Sullivan Musical Comedy?

The sad part about this "toy-air-soft" gun ban, is that in this Third World War we are fighting against Terrorism, our enemies teach their Children to shoot, dismantle, clean and re-assemble REAL AK-47s!!! "

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