Monday, August 09, 2004


Court decision could "allow" guns in courthouses: "If handgun enthusiasts win an appellate court order allowing [sic] guns in courthouses across [Pennsylvania], Westmoreland County commissioners say the consequences could be dire. 'I believe in the right to carry a firearm, but you start crossing borders, particularly when you have people with Children's Bureau cases or divorces. Someone could get drunk and upset and they have a .38. That wouldn't be good,' Commissioner Terry Marolt said. A state law allowing [sic] guns to be barred from courtrooms and their 'environs' has been interpreted to mean entire courthouses in most of Pennsylvania's 67 counties. But a recent county court decision that permits gun owners to carry weapons in rural Jefferson County, and its subsequent appeal, could decide the issue."


Guns for oldsters! "Some arrive at the indoor shooting range in wheelchairs. Others use walkers. A few are missing limbs lost in previous wars. They call themselves the 'Senior Militia,' a group of about 20 gunslingers mostly in their 60s who meet twice weekly to shoot the breeze -- and their guns. They are vigilant about their standing date for target practice because they think that off the range they are the targets. 'Old people tell me they feel like sheep, because they're so helpless,' said John McCormack, 80, unofficial president of the group. McCormack and other members of the group are part of a growing population of Americans older than 65 who are the most likely of all age groups to own guns."

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