Monday, August 09, 2004


Iraqi gunmen free four Jordanian hostages : "In an extraordinary assault, gunmen in the city of Fallujah stormed a kidnappers' lair and forced the overmatched militants inside to flee, freeing four Jordanian truck drivers held captive, local officials said Wednesday. The raid, in a city that has long been hostile to the U.S. military and supportive of Saddam Hussein, marked the first time local gunmen had broken foreign hostages out of captivity."


Gun hypocrisy: "While it remains to be seen whether a termination of the 1994 assault-weapons ban in September might yet infuse gun control into the 2004 election season, Democrats have moved so far away from the issue that they 'almost sound like Republicans.' Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) spoke on the need for the ban's extension during the Democratic National Convention, but her call for Congressional action on gun control has become a rarity within a party that once championed the issue. While the Democratic party platform does call for reauthorization of the ban, it also states that the party 'will protect Americans' Second Amendment right to own firearms.' And Democrat after Democrat, including Presidential nominee John Kerry, has used language about 'Second Amendment rights' during their campaigns this season."

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