Friday, August 27, 2004

Canadian nervousness: "Ed Hudson, a 59-year-old veterinarian and gun enthusiast, can't get himself prosecuted for being an unlicensed owner of 50 unregistered guns, no matter what he does. He has been arrested three times and had two shotguns seized after pulling stunts where he practically begged the police to charge him under the Firearms Act. But the charges that were laid -- having a weapon in a public place or obstructing a police officer (under the Criminal Code, not the firearms law) -- were always dropped. ... Hudson, who has been a Canadian citizen for 24 years but still speaks with the southern drawl of his native Atlanta, is impatient for the hearing to be held, eager to make in court constitutional arguments about a right to bear arms that he thinks would blow a hole in the federal gun licensing and registration law."

Homeowner won't be charged in shooting: "A Lowcountry homeowner was acting in self defense when he shot a 16-year-old intruder in the leg last May and will not face prosecution, Berkeley County [SC] Deputy Solicitor Blair Jennings said. Homeowner Jerron Richburg of Cross fired a shotgun at the teen, who is accused of breaking into the home using a file and a screwdriver. The teenager, who has not been identified becuase of his age, had to have his left leg amputated because of his wounds. 'Based on the information we've got now, (Richburg) acted lawfully,' Jennings said. 'The house is a person's domain. Clearly, you have the right to defend yourself in your house.'"

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