Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hey! Haven't Britain's strict antigun laws made this unneccessary? "A new drama about the growing gun culture is to tour Liverpool communities. The play, The Trouble With Guns, has been written by Liverpool writer Robert Awork.'I wrote the play knowing that people I had known had suffered as a result of weapons,' he says. 'I wanted to try to pass the message on to try to dissuade more young people from going the same way.' The play follows a spate of shootings in Liverpool. ... The drama will highlight the tragic consequences for young people that can result from easy access to firearms amid the growing gun culture in English cities including Liverpool."

Avoiding genocide: "It is long past time for the United Nations and the rest of the international community to do more than bemoan genocide after the fact. It is time for formal international law to recognize the natural right of self-defense, and to acknowledge the universal human right of 'having arms for their defense' so that, as a last resort, victims can 'restrain the violence of oppression.' As history has shown, as long as dictatorships exist, the only way to ensure the primary right to life is to guarantee the auxiliary right to arms."

19th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. Marriott Crystal City Hotel. The theme of the conference is "Ban Gun Bans." The goal of the conference is to educate people on how to protect and advance the right to keep and bear arms across the country and in your communities. Books, monographs and other materials -- enough to start a Second Amendment library -- are free, as are Saturday Luncheon, Friday and Saturday evening receptions and morning and afternoon snack breaks. Other meals, travel and lodging are to be paid by attendee.

Pitcairn again: "At Pitcairn, the Brits have gone too far, interfering in local marriage customs and trying to steal twenty lousy guns from a poor people who need them to feed themselves. Knowing perfectly well what happened after Dunblane and in Australia, we have to ask ourselves if this isn't a deliberate, calculated attempt to elevate the island's violent crime rate as part of some long-repressed revenge they're getting on Fletcher Christian and his pals. Whatever the case, Great Britain must now be expelled utterly from the company of decent nations."

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