Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ban icecream vendors! "Porous enforcement and limited government oversight have allowed unlicensed ice cream vendors around the Valley to operate nearly unwatched, and that has some residents and officials concerned about the peddlers' primary customers: children. Cities and law enforcement essentially work on the honor system and count on those who want to operate ice cream trucks to apply for permits with a city where they could be subject to fingerprinting and a background check. However, many vendors simply take to the street. The vendor requirements have come into question after the rape and impregnation of a 9-year-old Maryvale girl in June reportedly by a Phoenix ice cream vendor. Adrian Gonzales Cruz, 24, of Phoenix, who was arrested in connection with the crime, did not have a license to sell ice cream." [A licence to sell icecream would prevent rape? Wow! That's powerful! Just like licencing guns prevents killings, I guess]

Fem guns: "In 1985, Robee VanNorman dreamed of opening a gun shop. Not knowing how, she put the idea on the back burner to pursue a medical career. Now, she and her partner, Nancy VanNorman, operate Lavender Guns, Inc., which they believe to be the only female-owned gun shop in the state [of New York]. They incorporated the business a little over a year ago. ... Both women are certified by the National Rifle Association and take pride in working patiently to learn why a customer wants a particular product and how it will be used. At a recent gun show, they were amused when prospective male customers told them they'd wait to talk to the male representatives of the business. 'Our focus is towards women. ... don't get me wrong, we'll sell to men, but our goal is to educate women on the legal use of firearms and to gain confidence in protecting themselves and their families,' said Nancy VanNorman."

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