Friday, October 01, 2004

Bullets better? "Law enforcement officials and stun gun maker Taser International of Scottsdale, Ariz., argue that Tasers are a safer and more humane way to subdue suspects or mentally deranged individuals than guns, batons, pepper spray or brute force. 'The Taser is just a cleaner, safer way to do business,' Detective Bill Veteran, Fremont police spokesman, told the San Francisco Chronicle. 'I've been in all kinds of wrestling matches, I've been pepper-sprayed, I've been hit by a baton, I've seen people get bit by a police dog.' But civil rights groups are alarmed that some agencies allow officers liberal use of Tasers rather than limiting their use to situations where a life is in danger. Over the past five years, more than 70 suspects nationwide have died after being shocked by Tasers, including 10 in August, according the American Civil Liberties Union."

Armed robber fatally shot: "A 64-year-old man gunned down an armed robber Friday night in an apparent act of self-defense during a card game at a social club on Genesee Street [Buffalo, NY], police said. ... Two masked men -- one armed with a shotgun, the other with a pistol -- showed up and told the five people playing cards not to move, Detective Mary Gugliuzza of the Major Crimes Unit said. A round from the robber's shotgun went off and a man playing cards hit the floor. Meanwhile, the 64-year-old man, who also was playing cards -- apparently believing his friend had been shot -- pulled out his gun and returned fire, police said."

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