Wednesday, November 24, 2004

DJ acquitted in shooting of husband: "A Caddo Parish jury has agreed with a former Shreveport deejay's assertion that she shot her husband in self defense. Julia Austin was found not guilty late this afternoon of illegal use of a weapon. She could have faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Austin was a disc jockey at radio station 92.1 The Buzz when she shot her husband, Patrick, two years ago at their home in Shreveport. The couple had a tempestuous marriage. Patrick Austin testified his wife shot him after he told her to move out. Julia Austin said her husband beat her and she had to shoot him in self defense."

A reply to a gun control critic: "Even when Canada's gun control laws were (relative to today) lax, the crime rate in that country was low relative to the United States because the United States has historically had a higher crime rate. The important question is whether the presence of firearms is the cause of that high crime rate and whether gun control is a proper policy to adopt in combating crime."

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Unknown said...

my name IS Julia Elizabeth Martin Austin Graham. Y'all got your facts wrong! i didn't testify tha state of Louisiana has gun rules mostly it was HIS gun he got it out of yhr locked gun safe in HIS garage thay i didn't have the the keys to,! pretty badgun blog when you cast blame on a woman getting the snot beat out of her comes out of the shower because i was bloody abd BEATEN to his satisfaction and the gun is on the coffe table.... read the frigging transcripts from the trial and repost your small article on the worst 9 years if my life. oh and the worst 13 year marriage. he had priors,this is something else