Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oklahoma: Law allows guns on company property: "In Oklahoma, 'Take Your Gun to Work Day' could be every day -- but some employers are trying to change that. Whirlpool Corp. has sued to block a new law that allows employees to keep guns in their locked vehicles on workplace parking lots. The law was scheduled to take effect Nov. 1, according to the Associated Press, but a federal judge blocked it. Only Kentucky has a similar law. Whirlpool, which is trying to save its ban on firearms on company property, believes 'workplace safety' should override the rights of gun owners. 'This is a standard company rule that's intended to protect employees ... and to minimize the risk of any incident occurring,' Whirlpool said in a statement to FOX News. Tulsa police are similarly concerned about the prospect of violence in the workplace."

Illinois homes soon to be fortresses, not just castles: "Home intruders beware. The Illinois legislature is poised to allow residents the right to defend their castles. On the second day of the fall veto session this past week, the Illinois Senate overrode Governor Rod Blagojevich's veto of legislation allowing homeowners the right to protect their property from invasion. ... SB 2165 says that an individual who uses a firearm while defending his home will be allowed an affirmative defense to a charge he unlawfully possessed the firearm. The legislation was initiated after a Wilmette resident faced local city officials who charged him with using a handgun -- banned in Wilmette -- to defend his family when a burglar entered his home last year."

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