Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pennsylvania: Court OKs the seizure of weapons: "In a decision that pits the rights of gun owners against domestic abuse victims, the state Superior Court has ruled a judge acted properly when he ordered law enforcement to search an alleged abuser's home and seize his weapons and those belonging to another family member. The controversial 2-1 ruling, issued Thursday, also extends the ability of authorities to seek weapons of an alleged abuser. Previously, a judge could order weapons to be turned over, but did not have the authority to direct a search to ensure compliance. The ruling was based on a Montgomery County case, but will have statewide impact because it expands the interpretation of the state's Protection From Abuse Act. ... In a dissenting opinion, Judge Justin Morris Johnson said he believed the ruling went far beyond the bounds of the PFA Act and equated to a 'gross infringement on a constitutional right.'"

Colorado: Court rules on gun laws: "Colorado's new gun law suffered a blow Friday as a Denver District Court judge upheld the city's right to enforce some of its stricter firearm ordinances. The decision could bring an end to a yearlong court fight waged by Denver to retain its home-rule authority to regulate firearms and weapons -- unless state officials decide to appeal. ... Denver has some of the strictest firearm laws in the metro area. The court upheld three of Denver's ordinances, including its ban on assault weapons and so-called Saturday-night specials, its prohibition against openly carrying firearms in public, and its requirement for safe storage of all firearms. The court's decision focused on five specific local gun laws and upheld the state's right to overturn, in part, two of Denver's ordinances."

Maine: Victim justified in shooting intruder: "The question was raised following the recent shooting of a home invader in Eliot, Maine, as to whether the resident had the right to use deadly force and shoot the man in the chest. The answer is unequivocally yes. While the tragic incidents of accidental shootings at home are valid points in the argument for gun control, there is no better argument for the right to bear arms than protecting yourself and your home from harm."

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