Monday, November 15, 2004

Texas: Store owner fires back at robbers: "Two crooks with guns stormed into a west side grocery store Monday night, but they got a surprise when the store owner took justice into his own hands, pulling a gun on them. ... 'I was coming from the storage room carrying a case of beer, when two guys came in with a gun,' store owner Ernesto Trejo said. Trejo emptied out his cash register. But he said the robbers then asked for even more money. They took about $150 and a box of cigarettes, but Trejo was determined to stop them. 'As soon as they left, I pulled out my gun,' Trejo said. 'The door was still open and I shot,' he said. Police believe Trejo hit at least one of the robbers."

Pennsylvania: Man suffers stab wounds, scares off attackers with gun: "A 29-year-old [Bethlehem, PA] man was stabbed in the back outside a city nightclub Sunday morning, but he was able to escape his attackers and scare them off by firing a gun, police said. Arturo Robles Jr., of the 1000 block of Livingston Street, told police he was jumped by at least three men at 40 West on Broad Street. The men followed him to a friend's car and then stabbed him three times near his left shoulder blade, police said."

Mexico: Parishioners protest firing of pistol packing priest: "Angry parishioners chained shut a church in central Mexico on Friday in protest at the sacking of their priest, whose habit of tucking a gun under his robes has earned him fame and the nickname "Padre Pistolas." Hundreds of people from the town of Chucandiro demonstrated outside the cathedral in the city of Morelia after Catholic church leaders there defrocked their gunslinging priest, Alfredo Gallegos, local media reported. "We have closed the church with chains and that's how it will stay until Father Alfredo comes back," protester Gilberto Moron was quoting as saying, adding that locals would accept no other priest. Gallegos is wildly popular with parishioners but has angered his Catholic superiors with his habit of wearing a shiny pistol beneath his robes, despite strict laws in Mexico banning private citizens from carrying guns. Also known for his love of cowboy boots and country music, Gallegos says he only carries a gun for protection, noting several of his friends have been killed over the years. Locals say he has brought them huge social benefits, helping the marginalized and raising money for roads and hospital projects. "He has united us as a people," said Moron. Church leaders gave no reason for sacking the priest"

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