Sunday, November 07, 2004

Illinois: Court ruling helps set legislative agenda: "As expected, a Cook County Judge ruled against a Wilmette man who shot and wounded a home invader in late 2003. The homeowner, Hale Demar, was arrested after shooting the burglar and charged with violating Wilmette's prohibition on handgun ownership. Demar's arrest sparked a nationwide furor and spurred the passage of a homeowner protection bill in the Illinois General Assembly. Illinois Governor Blagojevich, a staunch supporter of gun control, later vetoed that bill. At present, the bill is awaiting an override vote when the General Assembly convenes its veto session this November."

Suspect picks wrong house to rob: "There's a young burglary suspect who no doubt wishes he'd picked another house. That's because Fairfax County police say the one they found him in is owned by a guy with a gun. Investigators say shortly before 2 a.m., the homeowner heard some noises in his house in the 3900 block of Collis Oak Court, in the Fair Oaks neighborhood. The man grabbed his gun and went to take a look. According to police, he found a 17-year-old wearing a ski mask and gloves. Turning the tables on the teen, the homeowner ordered him to call police, which he did. Officers arrived and took him into custody. The suspect was later released to his parents, and charges are pending."

Texas: Homeowner shoots two suspected burglars: "A north Harris County homeowner shot two men suspected of trying to break into his home. It happened on Chisholm Trail near Rankin overnight. They were both in the hospital Saturday morning. The homeowner told investigators that he heard a noise at the front door, and when he checked he confronted two men. The homeowner shot them both. They were taken to Ben Taub Hospital. Deputies plan to turn the case over to a grand jury."

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