Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Guns And Sudan

"The last decade-plus in the United States has shown the success of empowering people to defend themselves. As more people have been enabled to carry concealed firearms, violent crime has declined. The crime rate has declined nationwide, but even more so in states that have made it easier for citizens to carry guns....

One would think that with all of this information available, those concerned about the genocide being committed by the Islamic government of Sudan would want to get arms to the hands of the targets. That's supposed to be the job of the U.N., right? Aiding the oppressed? Well, no. The U.N. is a thugocracy which operates to protect the continued existence of criminal governments -- and to profit while doing so. The U.N. has defined arms control as keeping guns out of the hands of non-government individuals because they want to protect the "integrity" of existing governments, no matter how murderous those governments might be. "Human rights" is a cynical phrase used by the U.N. to get the Dan Rathers of the world to retail their propaganda to the gullible. At the U.N. there is no human right to self-defense.

The Oil for Food scam was a sanctions program levied against Sadam and run by the U.N. Now we are hearing -- even in the Congress of the U.S. -- a call for sanctions against the thugs running the Sudan. Can you see who will support this with a high five? Another Oil for Food program (the Sudan has oil), another U.N. rip-off, and another scheme for profiteering by the Kofi Annans and Jacques Chiracs of the criminal syndicate at the U.N.

What is really needed is to give or even sell surface-to-air missiles to Sudanese freedom fighters so they can shoot down the bombers that rain death from the sky on their villages and hospitals. Also needed are RPGs to kill the truck and train loads of men and materiel pouring into the killing fields. And certainly needed are AK-47's and tons of bullets to kill Janjaweed thugs that are operating with franchises from Khartoum.

Oh, some object, these weapons could get into the wrong hands and be used to take down a civilian airliner or some other evil purpose! Listen to that argument carefully. What you are hearing is the same lament of the anti-self defense crowd at the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, when they warn us that average folks can't have guns because they might get into the wrong hands. Politicians like Frank Wolf (R-VA) embody this same confusion regarding domestic and foreign self-defense. The thought that a criminal might get a gun ends up sanctioning the loss of lives at home and abroad as victims remain unarmed to face armed attackers. Wolf and others think that sanctions will save lives in the Sudan. Like they did in Iraq?

"Keeping guns out of the wrong hands" sure has worked fine in the District of Columbia with its gun ban, hasn't it? D.C. has the highest murder rate of any jurisdiction in the U.S. Chicago's gun laws are almost as criminal-friendly as the District's, and its murder rate is similarly high. The Sudan has stringent gun control laws. There, the problem is not street crime. It is genocide, carried out under direction of the Khartoum Islamofascists called the government. It is time for Congress to get guns into the right hands. Arms are already in the wrong hands, and the disarmed are dying like flies.

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DC: Gun ban repeal in limbo: "Washington, D.C. homeowners shouldn't expect to lock and load anytime soon as an effort to repeal a nearly 30-year ban on handgun ownership in the district has hit a snag despite Republican gains in the U.S. Senate that might draw more gun-friendly lawmakers to Capitol Hill. 'It still has an improved chance,' said Dan Whiting, spokesman for Sen. Larry Craig [R-ID], who had co-sponsored legislation to repeal the gun ban and had hoped to attach the measure to the 2005 D.C appropriations bill. But opponents of the gun ban say D.C. residents are wary of turning back the clock prior to 1976, the year the ban on all handguns was put into place and the nation's toughest gun law was enacted."

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