Saturday, May 14, 2005

First, suppose you might be wrong ...: "Obviously people consider lots of specific causes important, and often important enough for the use of coercive tactics. Defensive behavior is the usual response to aggression; that's precisely the reason why the right to self-defense is vital to a free society. Those who seek to deprive free people of the freedom to bear arms would deliver them into the condition of slavery, knowingly or not. Many 'liberals' like myself have come around to see that, by questioning and testing our own beliefs, despite the teachings we may have absorbed from parents, educators, and the media to the contrary. It means getting dirty; wrestling with fundamental ideas that underlie and support one's worldview and replacing any philosophical underpinnings that seem unsound. That process is sometimes referred to as 'heavy lifting,' and it's one way that concerned individuals may "make a difference" in the world without also contributing toward making a bigger or bloodier mess of it."

Shall not be infringed : "The U.S. Department of Justice re-confirmed in December 2004 that the Second Amendment is very clear in that it pertains to individuals. It also confirmed that the term 'militia' referred to a citizen militia comprised of adult male civilians, not a governmental agency such as the National Guard. What has very clearly been neglected, however, is the latter part of the Second Amendment which very clearly states that the 'right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed' (emphasis added by this author). And yet our right is being infringed on a constant basis from all levels of government. And the U.S. Justice Department seems to come up empty-handed when it comes down to enforcing its position on an individual right."

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