Monday, May 09, 2005


Police shot and killed a female bank robbery suspect after mistaking for a real weapon a toy gun she pulled out as they surrounded her recreational vehicle in Tyler in East Texas and tried to convince her to surrender. "It looked just like a dark revolver with grips, so it wasn't something you go to a toy store and it's red or yellow or pink that you'd recognize as a toy right off the bat," Tyler police spokesman Don Martin said. "It looked like a real gun."

Peggy Jo Tallas, once dubbed "Cowboy Bob" because of her bearded male disguise in bank robberies in the early 1990s, was shot to death by police Thursday after they say she held up a Tyler bank. Martin said Tallas, 60, stopped the RV in a residential area about two miles from the bank and emerged in the doorway. Officers were trying to convince her to surrender when she pulled what appeared to be a revolver, prompting four officers to open fire, killing Tallas, Martin said.

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Misplaced hysteria over Florida's self-defense law: "Professional doomsayers are having something of a field day, fomenting hysteria over recent passage in Florida of a law that allows citizens to defend themselves against criminal attack without first making an attempt to flee. The Sunshine State's so-called 'stand-your-ground' law is not a novel concept, although it is hardly universal in the 'land of the free and home of the brave.'"

Ban garden gnomes! : "The best defense is often self-defense. But in Britain, strict gun control, sword control, and even knife control has rendered peaceful citizens defenseless. Well, almost. A Cornish grandmother recently defended herself quite successfully in her home. With a garden gnome."

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