Thursday, May 12, 2005

Montana: Student, expelled for hiding BB gun, speaks: "Meagan Daniels felt so sure her friend Tyler Huetter wasn't a violent student, she agreed to hide his backpack -- which held a BB gun -- in her locker at Hellgate Elementary School. 'I knew it wasn't like a real gun that could hurt people,' Daniels said. 'Tyler's not a fighter. I could never see him hurting somebody. I never opened the backpack.' Tyler was concerned that his locker was about to be searched and teachers would find the pistol he found on the way to school that morning, March 17. As it happened, Hellgate Elementary was locked down at eighth period that day, and all lockers were searched. Huetter's backpack was found in Daniels' locker, with the BB gun, a drug pipe and a knife inside. A Missoula County sheriff's detective interviewed Daniels, who admitted she was holding the pack for Huetter. At a school board hearing March 31, both Daniels and Huetter were expelled for 12 calendar months."

New Hampshire: Student won't appeal yearbook ruling : "A high school senior who sued when he was barred from including his shotgun in his yearbook photo won't appeal a federal court ruling that backed the decision to exclude the photo. In March, U.S. District Judge Steven McAuliffe ruled that Blake Douglass, an avid sport shooter who attends Londonderry High School, failed to prove that school officials violated his First Amendment rights. McAuliffe said the decision was made by student editors, whose decisions are protected by the First Amendment. The boy's lawyer, Penny Dean, had maintained the school acted to ban the photo. In March, she said she was prepared to appeal the decision if Douglass wanted to continue fighting. But Dean now says that though Douglass received some financial help from Gun Owners of New Hampshire and Gun Owners of America, his family can't afford further appeals."

Save the "last gun shop" in Minneapolis -- Koscielski's Guns and Ammo "The gun grabbers have announced their intentions to disarm America, and now they're at it again: The City of Minneapolis is trying to force Koscielski's Guns and Ammo -- the only gun shop in Minneapolis -- out of business. For the second time. The city of Minneapolis ordered Koscielski's to cease all operations by April 18, 2005. The legal battle has been going on for 10 years. Koscielski initially opened a store in 1995, days before the City Council adopted a moratorium on gun shops. The city tried to close his shop down, but federal courts ordered that he be allowed to continue doing business. As a result, he was given an exemption in the zoning code. In the summer of 2003, Koscielski's lease at his first location was terminated. He said he was forced to rent a site not in compliance with the zoning code ... Koscielski's Guns and Ammo at 2926 Chicago Av. S. is not zoned for a gun shop. Council Member Gary Schiff faults Koscielski for 'blatantly' opening a shop in an area not zoned for his business. But Koscielski, a disabled veteran, accuses the city of trying to put him out of business by leaving him no legal options for a site."

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