Thursday, May 26, 2005

They should give him a medal: "Was it self-defense or vigilante justice? Police say a man shot two burglars who broke into his house Monday morning. It happened at North 18th and Cumberland in Waco. After two unarmed men broke into a house there, police say the man who lived drove up and shot both of them. When they ran away, he started shooting their car. One of the shooting victims was found in a nearby alley. Neighbor Alma McDonald saw him collapse. "He leaned back and he just laid there, and he put his hand on his heart, like he might have had a heart attack or something," she says. Another victim ran to a nearby muffler shop, where employees gave him first-aid. Employee Jason Cornett says, "Gentleman came running down and just hollering for help, holding his chest, said he'd been shot. So we called for 911." We attempted to get the homeowner's side of things, but got no answer at his door. There is a state law allowing you to shoot burglars under limited circumstances. Investigators are trying to figure out if it applies in this case. Both suspect were unarmed. Waco Police Sgt. Ryan Holt says, "To use deadly force, even in Texas, you have to feel like you're in imminent fear of bodily injury or death or you're protecting your property at night." The burglary suspects be charged when they get out of the hospital. As for the man who allegedly shot them, the District Attorney will decide whether he'll face charges. The man has no prior criminal record".

Tennessee gunshop robber downed: "Greenbrier police are investigating a robbery that led to a shooting at a gun store on Monday. Authorities say a man walked into an indoor gun range and store on Highway 41 and stole several guns. "He came in and he was threatening to the employee and did try to take several weapons and he tried to leave with them," say police. The suspect, Courtney Hall II, walked into "Guns and Leather Indoor Gun Range" pretending to be a customer and stole several weapons. But when he kept returning, the clerk knew something wasn't right. When the employee saw Hall make a run to the door of the business, he noticed the suspect was trying to take more weapons from the store. The clerk shot Hall twice in the lower waist and shoulder. He was taken by Life Flight to Vanderbilt Medical Hospital in critical condition".

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