Thursday, May 19, 2005


On Tuesday Venezuela and Russia signed an agreement on supplies of 100,000 Kalashnikov submachine-guns to that South-American country.The sum total of the transaction is $54 million. Russia undertook to supply to Venezuela, alongside weapons, also 2,000 handbooks, as well as spare parts and accessories for the AK submachine-guns. This transaction also provides for transferring technology of assembly of the submachine-guns of this model to the Venezuelans, for training of 45 Venezuelan technicians and engineers in Russia for 11 months, and for organizing assembly production of the AK-103 in Venezuela....

The Minister said that already on Wednesday the Russian technical commission will start analyzing and estimating the possibilities of the Venezuelan military-industrial company which will assemble the Russian AK-103 submachine-guns in the future. The Russian submachine-guns must replace the Belgian arms which were in service in the Venezuelan army for more than a half-century.

According to Rosoboronexport representative Sergei Ladygin who participated in the signing ceremony, Venezuela will become the first country in the world after Russia where the Russian AK-103 submachine-guns will be assembled, and the first country of the Western hemisphere to have them in service.

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Battle in Utah: "If it were up to gun-rights activist Charles Hardy, 3rd District Judge Robert Hilder wouldn't be in the running for a promotion to the Utah Court of Appeals. Hardy's group, Gun Owners of Utah, is opposing Hilder's nomination - slamming the judge for upholding a weapons ban on the University of Utah campus and voting against installing gun lockers in state courthouses. "We have concluded that he has a strong personal bias against the lawful carrying of self-defense weapons by private citizens," said an e-mail this week to hundreds of gun owners, urging them to lobby against Hilder. Hardy plans a similar alert against nominee Scott Daniels, a former 3rd District judge who, more recently as a Democratic lawmaker, has called for oversight of concealed weapon carriers and tighter control of sales at gun shows".

Pakistan today. New York tomorrow? "Eight teenagers were allegedly tortured by the police here for possessing two toy pistols. The youngsters were returning home when they were intercepted by a patrol van and taken to a police station, where a body search revealed the two toy pistols. 'The boys started crying out of fear and informed the police that some of them were school students while others worked as helpers at shops,' 'The News' reported on Monday. However, the families of the boys said police officials showed no mercy and beat them with wooden and rubber batons."

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