Friday, May 20, 2005

Idaho: Game oldster uses pistol to stop intruder: "Retired mechanic Warren Harlow was asleep at 9:30 p.m. Sunday when his wife woke him because she heard a racket in the basement of their Denver Street home. Harlow, 77, grabbed his antique .22 pistol and headed downstairs to find an intruder halfway in a sink below a broken out window. Harlow told the man to leave but the man came at him, police said. 'I batted him on the head with the pistol. That didn't get no attention. He turned on me. I put a bullet in the cement wall,' Harlow said. The man ran to the furnace room, turned and the two men struggled again, Harlow said. 'I told him I was going to shoot him if he didn't stop,' Harlow said. 'I protected my family and I protected myself.' Caldwell police officers arrived about that time to take the man into custody."

Low type gets less than he deserves: "A food bank supervisor on the North Side shot and wounded an intruder who apparently brandished a screwdriver when confronted in the freezer area. Kenneth Mathews, 45, of Sedgwick Street in Manchester was arraigned at Allegheny General Hospital on charges of burglary, robbery, possession of instruments of crime and fictitious reports to law enforcement. Police said Mathews lied to police by telling an officer he was shot during a drive-by. In fact, police said, Mathews had broken into the Love Food Bank, a subsidiary of Bethel Assembly of Pittsburgh, in the 2400 block of California Avenue. In an affidavit, police said William Zapf encountered Mathews about 10 p.m. Mathews was armed with the screwdriver he had used to break into the food bank. Mathews shoved Zapf "nearly to the ground," police said. "Zapf was in fear for his safety. Zapf shot Mathews in apparent self-defense," the affidavit said. Police said Mathews was shot in the calf. The investigation is ongoing. The Rev. Gregory Hammond of the Bethel Assembly of God church said Zapf was a hunter and sportsman and carried a registered handgun. Hammond said Zapf was at the food bank preparing reports for the monthly church board meeting when he confronted Mathews".

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