Monday, January 30, 2006

CA: Man shoots intruder, charges possible: "Contra Costa County officials will decide Tuesday whether they'll bring assault charges against a Richmond man who shot an intruder at his home. It happened early Monday morning. Police say the homeowner saw someone in his backyard and shot several times with a small-caliber weapon. The law allows homeowners to use deadly force on their own property if they fear for their lives. But the issue is whether excessive force was used. Some neighbors say the man who was shot was drunk and wandered into the backyard. They say they heard six or seven shots fired. "

NV: Victims fight back: "Two victims in an attempted home robbery scared away their intruders Monday night when one victim pointed a gun at one of the suspects. Police say two suspect tried to open the door on a home on Holcomb Avenue. One resident heard a noise and opened the door. The suspects then pushed their way into the home, grabbing on victim by the throat and demanded money. One suspect went to the back bedroom where a female victim pointed a hand gun at the suspect, scaring both suspects away from the home."

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