Sunday, January 08, 2006

NY: State should legalize concealed handguns: "If the governor and State Legislature were serious about public safety, they would abolish the Sullivan Act and bring New York law in line with other states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, which allow ordinary people to carry a concealed handgun so they can protect themselves. Meanwhile, legislators in Albany continue to defy common sense by thinking that violent thugs with felony rap sheets a mile long will obey new tougher laws against 'illegal' guns. Other states don't export their guns to us. New York imports thugs from other states, who know liberals [sic] are working hard to perpetuate an environment where they can ply their trade with little fear."

CO: Man shot after bar break-in: "A man was seriously wounded in a shooting at the Funky Buddha early Tuesday while the downtown bar was closed. The man broke in to the bar at 776 Lincoln St., and one of four people who were inside at the time shot him about 4 a.m., police said. It's unknown if it was an employee who shot the man and if there was a relationship between the shooter and the man who broke in, police spokeswoman Virginia Lopez said. The names of the people involved were not released. No arrests were made, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. "

NY: Bloomberg vows to destroy freedom everywhere: "Once content to rule the city, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday vowed for the first time to go national -- with an all-out effort to crack down on illegal gun sales. With the shooting deaths of two NYPD cops still weighing on the city -- and with his confidence as a political player clearly rising -- Bloomberg promised in his second term to fight the fight over illegal handguns in every forum that matters. 'We will take our message to Albany, to Washington and to every capital of every state that permits guns to flow freely across its borders,' said Bloomberg."

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