Saturday, January 21, 2006

FL: Fatal shooting ruled justifiable : "Charges are being dropped against a man arrested last Thursday night after a fatal shooting in Brentwood. Deounce Harden, 27, was arrested after calling police to report he'd shot someone and an officer arrived to find him standing over the body of Stevon Mitchell, holding a gun. After further investigation, police said Harden was acting in self-defense and ruled the shooting justifiable under a new state law that allows the use of deadly force when a person is being threatened."

NC: Man dies after allleged car theft attempt : "Ashley Demetrius Gilliam, 21, of 805 Rose St., Sanford, died around 4:40 a.m. Tuesday after being shot outside 3415 U.S. 421, Lillington. According to the report, Gilliam was allegedly trying to steal a car from that address, which is the home of Gary Nolan and Raquel Patterson Jackson. Gilliam was approached by Gary Jackson and his father-in-law Derrick Allen Byrd, who lived next door. An altercation started and shots were fired. Gilliam was shot and killed. By Wednesday, deputies had not filed any charges, although they said the investigation was still ongoing. Deputies have not said whether they believe whether Gary Nolan Jackson or Derrick Allen Byrd was responsible for shooting Gilliam, or whether Gilliam was armed and if he fired any shots."

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