Sunday, January 15, 2006

FL: Death sentence in killing of "Antichrist" : "A man who claimed he killed a retired police officer because he thought the 'A' on the victim's University of Alabama baseball cap meant he was the Antichrist has been sentenced to death. In addition to the death sentence, Ryan Thomas Green, 22, was given two consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole for the attempted murder and robbery of a housepainter, who was shot and now uses a wheelchair. The jury that found Green guilty in October recommended 10-2 that he be put to death. The death sentence will be appealed automatically. Green had testified during the trial that a talking bull, religious signs, colors and symbols influenced him to shoot [ex-officer James] Hallman."

CO: No charges against teen or homeowner who shot him: ""No charges will be filed against a teenager who was drunk when he walked into the wrong home in a rural subdivision after he was injured in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, or against the homeowner who shot the intruder, the Weld County district attorney said Thursday. District Attorney Ken Buck said the evidence could not prove that Nathan Weathers, 19, knowingly entered the wrong home or intended to commit a crime inside the home. Weathers' blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.185 percent at the hospital, and he was disoriented from the motorcycle accident and believed he was entering his own home, Buck said. He also said the homeowner, James Haflich, was reasonably concerned about his safety and that of his wife, Cheryl Haflich, when he heard Weathers banging on his doors and windows and shot Weathers with a handgun, hitting him in the arm. ... The possibility of a drunk-driving charge against Weathers was still under investigation."

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