Monday, January 16, 2006

MS: Pols consider expanded recognition of RKBA: "Four bills pending in the Legislature would broaden [sic] the right for people to shoot trespassers in their homes, cars or businesses. Senate Judiciary A Committee Chairman Charlie Ross, R-Brandon, who co-authored Senate Bill 2426, said the legislation will take the burden of proof off of victims of burglaries or carjackings who use deadly force. 'Anytime someone threatens you or attacks you, you do not have to retreat, you can stand your ground,' Ross said. Sen. Ralph Doxey, R-Holly Springs, co-author of the bill, said the legislation also will protect people from civil lawsuits. Three similar pieces of legislation are pending in the Mississippi House."

A guy who was assaulted in his home was charged with 'delay,obstruction, and alcohol violation'?: "A New Jersey man who was shot in the leg after he allegedly beat another man with a gun Friday was jailed on $50,000 bond, according to the Roanoke Rapids Police Department. Howard Boone III, of Trenton, N.J., went to the 1800 block of Powell Street Friday around 6:44 p.m., and broke into a house where Travis Price was staying, Police Chief Greg Lawson said this morning. Boone allegedly assaulted Price by hitting him with a gun, Lawson said. Outside the house the men exchanged gunfire and Boone was struck in the leg. He was taken to Halifax Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released. He was then placed in the Halifax County Jail and charged with first-degree burglary, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats. Price was charged with delay and obstruction and an alcohol violation."

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