Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Florida: Man shoots home invader: "Police say a suspect was shot early Thursday morning by a man who was protecting his home and his pregnant wife. Police are calling it a home invasion robbery. A 17-year-old boy is in police custody, while his brother is in the hospital in critical condition.The two men allegedly parked their vehicle a few hundred yards from a home near a row of trees in MacClenny. They turned off the electricity to the home and unplugged the phone connection. Police say the suspects then walked up to the home and stole an anchor that was inside of a boat in a shed. They say the pair then used it to break the glass door in the back of the home. According to a police report, the owner of the home heard a noise and grabbed his gun from inside the house. Police say he stayed upstairs in the bedroom with his wife who is pregnant. The suspect then allegedly walked up the stairs to the bedroom with a flashlight and opened the bedroom door. That's when, police say, the victim fired his gun and shot the suspect. Officers arrived on the scene as the 17-year old was running to his vehicle. He is now in police custody. "

Kansas City, Mo: Suspicious clerk justified: "A clerk at the Fast Stop convenience store at 75th Street and Holmes Road pulled a fast one on a would-be robber Friday afternoon. Police said the clerk thought a man who walked into the store about 4:30 p.m. looked suspicious. The clerk pulled out a gun about the same time as the man. Investigators said the pair exchanged shots, but that no one was hurt. The man fled the store. No arrests have been made".

Warning shot stops burglar: "Deputies arrested an attempted burglar who they say was scared off when an elderly homeowner fired a shot in his direction on New Year's Day. An elderly couple called 911 when the man tried to kick their door in at their home on the 9100 block of Nelson Road in Longmont. The incident happened around 4:15 a.m. After telling the suspect to go away several times, the man of the house fired a warning shot over the suspect's head. The homeowner told police he feared for his and his wife's safety. When deputies arrived they found 22-year-old Michael Gadbois hiding in some bushes. He was arrested on charges of attempted burglary".

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