Monday, March 26, 2007

Kentucky intruders frightened off: "Police are searching for a man and woman who broke into a Clark County home Friday morning but were chased away when the homeowner fired a gun at the ceiling. The incident happened at about 9:30 at a home on Athens-Boonesboro Road. Police say the suspects kicked in a back basement door, went upstairs, then attempted to kick open another door. However, the homeowner, Frank Gibson, was behind the door, and fired a warning shot into the ceiling. The suspects fled the home, then fled the scene in a green Jeep Cherokee. The suspects did not get away with any cash or property. Gibson was not hurt in the incident."

Texas home invader shot: "A man caught breaking into an east side home was shot in the back by someone who lived there early Saturday, Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies told News 4 WOAI. The homeowner caught the burglar close to 6 a.m. Saturday inside his home on Little Port Drive, authorities said. The two men began to fight. The homeowner’s roommate woke up and fired a gun at the intruder, officials said. The man was hit in the back with pellets, deputies said. The homeowner and roommate are not expected to face any charges, deputies said. “It was in self-defense,” Sgt. Chris Burchell with Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said of the shooting. “They also were protecting each other.” The intruder was recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center Saturday night. No word on his condition".

Second Wind for the Second Amendment: "Last week, when a federal appeals court ruled that the District of Columbia's gun ban violates the right to 'keep and bear arms,' The New York Times reported that the judges were 'interpreting the Second Amendment broadly.' ... If a court takes the position that Americans have a right to free speech, it is not interpreting the First Amendment broadly. If it says they have a right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures, it is not interpreting the Fourth Amendment broadly. So why is the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit 'interpreting the Second Amendment broadly' when it says Americans have a right to keep and bear arms?"

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