Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mississippi: Passer-by with gun saves woman: "As customers watched in horror Sunday afternoon, a man stabbed a woman and attempted to set her on fire in the parking lot of a Jackson store, witnesses said. The attack was stopped by a passer-by, who held the man at gunpoint until police arrived, witnesses said. The suspect, Henry Watson, 42, was arrested and is expected to face aggravated assault charges, Jackson Police Department Cmdr. Lee Vance said. Watson's wife, Gracie Watson, 42, was transported to the University of Mississippi Medical center, where she was listed in good condition. "It wasn't five minutes from when she had left my line when I heard a scream outside," said Theresa Stuckey, a cashier at the Family Dollar at 516 Nakoma Drive in Jackson. "I looked out, and (the attacker) was on top of her stabbing her, and stabbing her and stabbing her. "She was screaming, 'Help, he's trying to kill me!' She was rolling on the ground, trying to get out of the way, but he kept stabbing her. He stabbed her about 20 times in the neck, back and arms." As the attack continued, people were yelling at the man to stop and honking their horns, Stuckey said. She said she called 911. "He was just standing over her hacking away," said Dolly Baker, who had just left the Save-A-Lot store next door when she saw the attack. Baker said she watched the man pour gasoline on the victim then try to strike a match. "He was literally trying to kill that lady in broad daylight," she said. Baker said a passer-by stopped the attack. "He told the man, 'Stop, or I'm going to shoot. And if you run, I'm going to kill you,' " Baker said. The man held Watson at bay until police arrived at the scene".

Florida robbers pick wrong victim: "Two men tried to rob a 50-year-old man Feb. 24 in the 4400 block of Putnam Avenue, but the victim pulled out a weapon of his own. One of the two would-be robbers may have been shot, police said. It was the first of three reported armed robberies or attempts on the Southside last weekend, another of which ended with a victim shot. But police said the incidents did not appear to be connected. The first incident started at 8:30 p.m. as the victim was walking down Putnam Avenue and two men, one with a gun, walked up demanding money, police said. When the gun was pointed at him, the victim pulled out his own weapon and fired once, police said. One of the pair fell, then got up as they both fled toward Philips Highway without anything. The victim's .45-caliber handgun and a spent casing were confiscated by police after detectives interviewed him."

New Hampshire man released after shooting stepbrother: "A family argument escalated into violence Thursday, when one stepbrother shot another in the middle of the day. David Richardson, 52, went to Windham Auto Body around 10:40 a.m. Thursday, got into a scuffle with his stepbrother, Frank Meisel, and returned to his home about a half-mile away before a pair of officers arrived, said Windham police Capt. Carl Wagner. About an hour later, Richardson returned to start another confrontation with his stepbrother, Frank Meisel, according to police. Meisel, 43, fired a single shot into the left side of Richardson's chest with a .38-caliber revolver, police said. Police elaborated on the initial scuffle yesterday as they continued their investigation into the shooting. "There was some kind of brotherly, physical confrontation and there was some damage done on the property, but he wasn't concerned with that," Wagner said of Meisel. "He just didn't want him (Richardson) on the property." Richardson remains in critical-but-stable condition at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. He underwent surgery Thursday night. Meisel is free on personal recognizance and is due in court April 2. Based on what police have learned so far, Wagner said there was no need to hold Meisel."

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