Saturday, March 24, 2007

MO: Would-be robber wounded: "A robber packing a pellet gun lost out early today to a motel guest packing a real firearm. Bridgeton police say that after surrendering his cash, jewelry and car keys to two robbers in the parking lot of the motel, the guest drew his own firearm and got the drop on the robbers, wounding one of them in the hand and leg."

The witch hunt against gun owners: "'The Second Amendment,' Charlton Heston used to say, 'is America's first freedom.' The Second secures the rest.' It's a message narcissistic journalists need to hear again. ... While courts have recently bolstered Second Amendment rights, endangering gun owners in the name of free speech continues to be the blood sport of the Fourth Estate. Two weeks ago, the Roanoke (Va.) Times published ... the names and street addresses of some 135,000 Virginians with permits to carry concealed weapons. ... Trejbal denied that compiling the concealed carry permit holders list was 'about being for or against guns.' But he exposed his true agenda when he compared law-abiding gun owners to ... sex offenders ..."

Signs of life in the Second Amendment: "For nearly 70 years, the Second Amendment has been the Jimmy Hoffa of constitutional provisions -- missing, its whereabouts unknown, and presumed dead. The right to keep and bear arms, though treasured by many Americans, was a complete stranger to the Supreme Court. But recently, a federal appeals court did something no federal court had ever done before: It struck down a gun control law as a violation of the Second Amendment."

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