Sunday, March 25, 2007

Utah: Police search for wounded burglar: "A statewide alert has been broadcast urging police to be on the lookout for a truck with two men in it. [Not many of those around!] According to the broadcast, the two men allegedly attempted to burglarize a home near Delta. The homeowner awoke to their sound and chased them from the residence with a shotgun. Police reports indicate the homeowner fired two blasts from the shotgun with one shot possibly hitting one of the men in the back and the other striking a truck the men were riding in. The vehicle is described only as a dark truck. [driven by dark men?]

Tennessee: Man Shot During Armed Robbery: "A good Samaritan is in the hospital after getting shot by a robber. The Hickory Hill business owner was trying to defend a couple during a robbery and that’s when the robber shot him. It happened just before 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 23, 2007 outside the Villsenor Taqueria at Ridgeway and Winchester. The business owner saw two men trying to rob a Hispanic couple walking out of the Immigration Services building next door. He came outside with his gun and then he got shot. Police say a family member took the shooting victim to a hospital. The police say the two armed robbers got away in a black Ford Expedition. Police say robberies like this have happened before at this location because Hispanics without bank accounts go to that INS office to cash paychecks and are targeted by robbers in the parking lot."

SAF supports Adventure Outdoors battle against Bloomberg: ""The Second Amendment Foundation today confirmed that it is providing financial support to Adventure Outdoors of Smyrna, Georgia in a lawsuit against New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other New York defendants for attempting to ensnare and defame the store in Bloomberg's infamous 2006 gun shop 'sting.' SAF's support was requested by attorney and former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, now working at the Jasper, Georgia law offices of Edwin Marger, which represents Adventure Outdoors."

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