Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NM: Carjack attempt leads to shooting; two injured: "A man who police believe had already stolen one truck Sunday evening allegedly went back for a second one prompting gunplay between the would-be thief and his victim. Officials say that the first carjacking occurred at a buffet restaurant on Coors when the man forced his way into a Nissan Titan and forced a family out of the truck at gunpoint. Shortly later the same evening, the man spotted a second Nissan Titan at a Walgreen store at Coors and Central, but the second victim was armed and the two exchanged gunfire, with each of them being struck. 'The victim decided to take that [situation] into his own hands, but unfortunately the victim was shot,' said APD spokeswoman Trish Hoffman. Both men were transported to an Albuquerque hospital. Police expect they will both survive."

CO: Hysteria trumps self-defense on "Make My Day" bill: ""Hysteria trumped reason yet again at the Colorado State Capitol when a Senate committee killed the so-called 'Make My Day Better' bill on a party-line vote. Responsible gun owners regularly find themselves subjected to this kind of treatment by wet-diaper, nanny-state liberals who believe that any Colorado citizen with a gun is barely capable of suppressing some ravenous urge to shoot everyone who casts so much as a cross-eyed glance."

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