Friday, March 16, 2007

Oregon: Metal thief caught by gun owner: "A man wanted for methamphetamine possession was caught Wednesday morning allegedly stealing metal from an auto salvage yard. The owner of U-Pull-It says he caught 29-year-old Neal Anthony Lee stealing, fired a shot into the ground and chased him across the highway. Clackamas County deputies say they found Lee a short while later hiding behind a tree and covered in grease. "There's not any car part out here that's worth a life, but I'm gonna let them know that I'm here and that I mean business. I'm not here to support their habit," owner Ron Barber told KOIN News 6. Lee was arrested for burglary and an outstanding warrant in Multnomah County for meth possession. He's expected Thursday in court. Barber says he plans to install an electric fence."

Texas standover men luck out: "A San Antonio man was shot in the head and then arrested after threatening a family, police told News 4 WOAI. Two men showed up at a southeast side home looking for someone, police said. "He was like, `Come outside. Let me ask you something,'" Lucienne Huizar, a woman who lives at the home, said. Michael Trejo, 30, was looking for someone, and Huizar told him she did not know the person he was trying to find. "I said, `Whatever I'm going to close the door,' and he picked the gun up," Huizar said. "My mom was right there, and I said, `Mom call Dad.'" At that point, the man jumped off the porch and ran to a car, firing a shot into the air, police said. But, one of the men dropped his cell phone, officials said. Trejo and 21-year-old Johnny Cervantez came back to the home when they realized the phone was missing, police said. "The guy who wanted his cell phone was standing by the fence," Huizar said. Her father walked outside with his shotgun, and opened fire, Huizar said. Huizar's father was hoping to scare the two men, but ended up shooting Cervantez in the head, officers said. The men were arrested soon after that. Huizar's father was not facing any charges Wednesday."

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