Friday, October 03, 2008

AL Man shot by his sister : "Sheriff's deputies got a call around lunchtime Tuesday that Cathy Slade was begging for help, frightened by a man who was breaking into her home. That man was her brother. "Upon arrival, they found Thomas Kirkwood laying in the entryway of the kitchen," said Captain Mick Sears with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Kirkwood had been shot in the stomach. Captain Mick Sears with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said the entire ordeal was caught on tape in a 911 call. "According to Miss Slade, while she was on the phone with us, he broke out a window in the garage and made entry into the home," said Sears. Sears says she warned her brother to stay away. When he refused, Slade shot him with a 38-caliber handgun. So, why was Slade afraid of her own brother? Sears says the two had a history of domestic problems. He says their mother just passed away, and Slade is executor of the will which is something that's been a source of contention. "I think he wanted to circumvent the will and unfortunately made illegal entry into the home at the time and got shot for his effort," said Sears. Kirkwood is recovering at Singing River Hospital. So far, Sears believes the shooting was self-defense."

Phila. police: Shooting was self-defense: "City police are still investigating a weekend homicide in South Philadelphia and also have concluded their probe of a fatal shooting in a Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood that they found was in self-defense. In the Southwest Philadelphia killing, a man in his 20s was fatally shot twice in the chest shortly after 1 a.m. yesterday in the 5100 block of Warrington Street near South 52d Street. Police spokeswoman Christine O'Brien said the man and a 17-year-old male accomplice were trying to rob two other men on the street, who shot them, O'Brien said. The teen was shot twice in the left arm and was in custody in stable condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania last night. Police did not release the identities of the two would-be robbers or of the pair they were trying to rob. O'Brien called the shooting "a justifiable homicide" and said no charges would be filed."

U-M study: Gun shows don't increase homicide, suicide rates: "Gun shows don't contribute to increased homicide or suicide rates, according to results of a study announced Wednesday by the University of Michigan's Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. The joint University of Michigan and University of Maryland examination of gun death data in the weeks surrounding more than 3,400 California and Texas gun shows concluded tighter regulation of the flea market-like operations did nothing to reduce firearms-related deaths in the following month. Researchers compared gunshot death data surrounding every known gun show in California and Texas between 1994 and 2004. California has some of the most stringent gun sale rules in the country. Texas is among the least restrictive."

NRA Delivers New Ad in Spanish : "The latest TV ad from the National Rifle Association yokes immigration fears to the gun rights debate by raising the specter of crime by illegals before noting that Barack Obama voted against a 2004 Illinois bill to provide additional legal protections to individuals defending themselves with firearms against home-invading criminals. The ad will air in both English and Spanish on broadcast and cable stations in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas through Election Day. "Families should be able to defend themselves against rapists, drug dealers and other criminals illegally crossing our borders," says Andy Vaquera, who is described in the spot as a retired Texas police officer and NRA member. "But Barack Obama didn't think we should be allowed to use a firearm for self-defense. He even voted to allow the prosecution of people who used firearms to defend their families in their own homes." Vaquera repeats the same script virtually word-for-word in the Spanish commercial. This is the first Spanish ad for the gun rights group this cycle, though the NRA has aired messages in Spanish before."

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