Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ohio man kills would-be robber: "A Columbus man was killed this evening when, witnesses told police, he tried to rob a couple in a North Side parking lot. Thomas E. Goldsmith Jr., 27, was pronounced dead at the scene around 5 p.m. Franklin County records had addresses for him on Roche Drive and Linden Avenue on the North Side. Witnesses told police that Goldsmith approached a couple in their car at Kenmore Square Apartments holding a gun and demanded money from the man at the steering wheel, witnesses said. Goldsmith's gun misfired and the man in the car, identified as Deandre R. Henry, began shooting his own gun. Henry, 24, of 3490 Derrer Field Drive on the Hilltop, called 911 from his cell phone and told them he had shot someone. Witnesses said he told police, "I shot this dude because he tried to rob me. What was I supposed to do? My girlfriend's pregnant." He emptied his gun of bullets and stayed in the parking lot until police arrived, witnesses said. Columbus assault squad Sgt. Christ Holzhauser said several guns were recovered at the scene, and that Henry is cooperating with the investigation. Holzhauser said self-defense "is definitely a possibility. "If it ends up being a self-defense thing, it was very smart on his part to stay on the scene," Holzhauser said. Police were not issuing charges pending a county grand jury investigation.

South Carolina: Employees Disarm, Hold Would-Be Robber: "Officers were called to a drive-in restaurant Tuesday night where employees disarmed and restrained a robbery suspect. Employees at Boots and Sonny's Drive-in on East Henry Street said that an armed man had come into the business through an unsecured rear service door at about 9 p.m. They said that the man pointed a silver handgun at employees and demanded money from the safe. The employees scuffled with the man and disarmed him. They restrained him in the kitchen until officers arrived. Officers arrested 21-year-old Alvin Dean Edwards [above] of Spartanburg. He was taken into custody without further incident."

MA: Are you violating state gun laws? "Would it be considered a 'contract' if a firearms identification (FID) card, which allows the bearer to own firearms, was issued that stated the valid period was 'indefinite' or 'until revoked?' 2002 report released by the Commonwealth's House Post and Oversight Committee reported the state of Massachusetts failed to notify nearly 750,000 gun owners that their FID cards would prematurely expire due to the Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998. Did the 1998 law turn some of our law-abiding citizens into felons? These questions are now being asked by many people: some involved from indictments, some who are sitting at home in fear."

It's not Biden's gun Obama wants, it's everyone's: "Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was trying to convince rural Virginians the other day that he's a devoted gun owner who will not allow presidential nominee Barack Obama to 'fool with my Beretta.' 'Senator Biden must think America's gun owners are dumber than rocks,' said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. 'Here is a man who has supported every restrictive gun control and gun ban law that ever landed on his desk, suddenly telling Virginia residents that he's a gun owner, and very pro-gun.'"

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