Saturday, October 04, 2008

North Carolina robbery suspect shot, killed: "A suspect was shot and killed during a robbery attempt near NC State Thursday night. Eyewitnesses say a local store owner opened fire as he was being held up around 9 p.m. The incident happened at Tienda Hispana on Western Boulevard near Clanton Street. A portion of the road was blocked off as police cleared the scene. Jose Jimenez, the owner's nephew, says his uncle shot a suspect trying to rob his store and two other suspects fled the scene. According to the owner, he observed three Hispanic males enter the store. He said they appeared suspicious so he watched them closely. A female employee was also in the store at the time, but there were no customers. At least two of the suspects had guns and one of them pointed a handgun towards the clerk. The clerk and one of the suspects fired at least one shot each. One suspect was struck and died at the scene. Raleigh Police say the incident is a death investigation and are looking for the other suspects."

Ohio homeowners take guns off black invaders: "An Akron homeowner turned the tables on two home invaders who broke into his house with guns, demanding money. Police said the owner of a home on 2nd Street SW called police at 11 p.m. Thursday to say two men burst in -- armed with a shotgun and a gun -- and demanded money. The resident and a guest scuffled with the intruders and were able to grab the guns away. The two intruders were injured in the scuffle and were taken to local hospitals. No shots were fired. The two suspects were still in the hospital late today with injuries that were not life threatening, police said. Kevin Chambers, and Franklin Rodgers, both 24 and from Akron, each face two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of aggravated burglary when they are released from the hospital. The homeowner was not charged. Police are still investigating, but Lt. Rick Edwards said it appears to be a case of self-defense.

Illinois: 22-year-old shot during alleged break-in charged with burglary: "A 22-year-old Normal man who was shot during an alleged break-in at a Bloomington apartment was charged Wednesday with one count of residential burglary. Joshua A. McGuire appeared in front of Associate Judge Rebecca Foley in a wheelchair on Wednesday afternoon on the residential burglary charge. McGuire was shot three times in the legs after allegedly breaking into a lower-level unit in an apartment house in the 400 block of West Chestnut Street about 10 p.m. Monday, police said. The shooting happened after a 51-year-old resident of an upstairs unit in the building heard loud noises, apparently someone kicking in a door to the downstairs apartment, said police spokesman Duane Moss. Moss said the 51-year-old, carrying a .22 caliber rifle, told police he demanded McGuire lay down on the ground after he saw him exiting the lower-level unit into a building common area. Maguire reportedly refused and reached for his waistband, prompting the man holding the gun to fear he was in danger of being shot, Moss said. Moss said McGuire was shot twice in the left knee and once in the right, but he allegedly fled the scene. The shooter told police he saw that someone had kicked in two doors, an entrance to the building itself and the door to the lower-level unit. No one was home in the lower-level unit when police arrived. Moss said the shooter and the 22-year-old did not know each other prior to the shooting. The shooter has not been charged in the case, Moss said."

Shooter set free in retrial: "An appeals court decision overturning his previous convictions has paid off for 70-year-old James Edward Jones. A Stafford County Circuit Court jury yesterday convicted Jones of unlawful wounding and carrying a concealed weapon. But it gave Jones no prison time and imposed only a $3,000 fine, meaning he will not have to return to prison.... Jones and his neighbor at the time, Michael Finnegan, got into a heated dispute over Finnegan's outdoor activities. They hadn't gotten along for some time. The two agreed to meet at the end of the road to settle the issue physically, according to Finnegan's testimony. Jones then shot Finnegan, now 47, in the stomach with a .40-caliber pistol. Jones has claimed all along that Finnegan was charging at him and he shot in self-defense. Finnegan testified that he was at least 35 feet away when he was shot. While they dispute the details, both men agree that their problems should have never gone so far. "We were two stupid men who acted like kids," Jones said yesterday. "And we both paid a big price." A number of witnesses, including an FBI agent and a doctor, got on the stand yesterday in support of Jones. Most of the witnesses know him from the boxing gym he runs in Falls Church and described Jones as a great friend and encourager."

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