Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gun skills in an 11 year-old girl

I got this video off a Leftist site, where much horror was expressed, rather than her skill being admired. "All men are equal" does not extend to girls, apparently. Sexism?

Ohio Pet Shop Owner Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect: "Cleveland Police believe a shop owner who shot a robbery suspect Monday acted in self-defense. Police were called to the Cleveland Aviary on Bosworth Avenue in Cleveland Monday afternoon. According to Lt. Thomas Stacho, the suspect was dead on the front step of the pet shop when the first officers arrived. According to police, the 86-year-old shop owner, whose name police did not release, was in the back room of the shop when the robber entered. Police said there was one clerk working in the front of the shop. "The robber set upon him, immediately put a knife to his throat and ordered him to open the cash register," Stacho said. Police said the shop owner came out the back room with a gun and asked the robber to leave. "He ordered the robber to leave; the robber did not; he approached him in a menacing manner and the second man fired one round striking the man in the chest killing him," Stacho said."

TX: Resident shoots masked intruder : "An Arlington homeowner shot and killed an intruder Monday night. Police say two men, masked and armed, forced their way into a house on the 900 block of Carthage . but only one would survive. According to reports, the shooting happened after the pair entered the home about 10:35 p.m. One of the suspects stuck a resident with a gun before the pair forced their way in.Two shots, fired by the suspects, alerted another person, who was upstairs at the time, to the situation. That person jumped into action, grabbed a gun and began to fire - ultimately hitting and killing one of the suspects."

Guns, ammo sales increase as election nears : "Besides self-protection, gun experts and gun users at the Gun Store say they are also concerned about what the next President may do about gun control. `Some people are coming in due to the election coming up - kind of to hedge their bets, or get what they want before it may be banned,' says Randy. `The concern is that the price of guns and ammo are going to skyrocket with any kind of ban in the future.' Predicting a crime is impossible, and whether or not stricter gun regulations are on the way is still unknown. But Jeffrey says for now, he plans to continue to exercise his right to keep and bear arms."

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