Monday, October 27, 2008

Texas pawn shop clerk shoots, kills would-be robber: "A pawn shop clerk shot and fatally injured an armed man allegedly attempting to rob the northwest Harris County business Saturday evening, authorities said. The gunman entered Gulf Coast Pawn and Jewelry store in the 9400 block of Louetta Road and attempted to rob the business at 5:56 p.m. when he was shot by one of the store clerks, authorities said. He was taken to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital where he later died, authorities said."

Wacky Canadians. Can you imagine gang-bangers taking up photography instead of crime?: ""Toronto police launched an innovative gun amnesty program on Wednesday. It's dubbed Pixels for Pistols, and through it, police are offering to give out a Nikon digital camera to anyone turning in a firearm.A handgun or assault rifle is worth a $400 Nikon Coolpix S52 and a shotgun nets a $250 Nikon Coolpix P60. The deal includes free photography lessons.The amnesty program will run for four weeks, according to Henry's camera store, which is providing the cameras."

TX: Man evicted for shooting thief: "Rather than watching strangers steal and destroy his possessions, the man ran outside and fired his shotgun five or six times . He is not facing charges. .To his dismay, the apartment served his family an eviction notice. `We had three days to leave,' he said. The man said he is unable to find another home in three days, much less afford an unexpected move. His apartment lease included a clause stating residents are not allowed to own or discharge guns on the premises - but he claims the rule is unfair. `You're victimized,' he said, `[A]nd then on top of that, you're being kicked out on the street for protecting something that you have the right to protect.'"

Illegal harassment of Ohioans who open carry: "Here's where I promised to introduce a solution to this week's discussion. You'll recall we were exploring how those who openly carry holstered handguns--a perfectly legal practice in Ohio, and recognized by the courts--have been subjected to harassment and arrest. We even showed the state attorney general is aware this if going on, and the office has acknowledged the legality of the practice in its official publications. Yet Ohioans are still in danger, all for peaceably exercising their right to bear arms--and we've seen they are indeed peaceable. We've seen how some among us, who do not trust their fellow citizens and want to coerce the practice away, are not above endangering gun owners, and exploiting the system to do it. And we've also seen how those initiating the confrontations and arrests are not necessarily the "'Only Ones" we can trust to carry guns."

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