Sunday, October 05, 2008

Man who shot stepson during home invasion released : " A Battle Creek man who allegedly shot and killed his stepson Monday night has been released from custody as the police investigation continues.... Darlene Prado told officers that Keck had called the house earlier, threatening the family, and when he arrived kicked in the side door of the house. She told officers her husband took her and his daughter into the bedroom and pushed a dresser against the inside of the door. Gary Prado warned Keck that he had a gun, Detective Sgt. Todd Madsen said, and apparently fired a warning shot as Keck tried to force his way into the bedroom. As Keck pushed open the door, Prado fired from a few feet away.

Tennessee Homeowner Holds Shotgun On Thief: "Police said a Riverview homeowner found a thief in his car in his carport and held him at bay with a shotgun. Lewis Card of Edgewood Circle said he heard his driveway alarm going off. He said he grabbed his shotgun and hurried outside. Mr. Card said he spotted a black male inside his vehicle. He said he held the shotgun on the intruder and ordered him outside the car. Then he directed him to lie down. The homeowner said the man told him he was just after some change. Then he patted his pocket, causing the change to jingle. He asked Mr. Card not to call police, saying he "didn't want to go back to jail." With the shotgun still trained on him, he handed over his Tennessee ID card. Mr. Card said it appeared to be his correct card. The man ran off after asking again that police not be called. Mr. Card turned over the man's ID card to officers. A warrant was taken out charging Corey Cortez Abernathy with theft under $500."

Police Say Teen Shootings Was Home Invasion: "Authorities said Saturday morning that an incident in which a 16-year-old was shot to death and another was critically injured actually happened in Ooltewah and not in Brainerd as the surviving victim initially said. Authorities also said the two victims were shot after they and a third person burst into a trailer at 3933 Pattentown Road. They said 22-year-old James Bryan Miller has been charged as the shooter. He is facing a count of criminal homicide. Dusty Stokes of the Hamilton County Sheriff's office said Miller "made no attempt to notify police, summon medical aid, or report the incident to authorities. That leads us to believe that something else was going on in this case.... "Several witnesses were located who had been present inside the residence when the shooting took place. One of the occupants inside the residence was the defendant James Bryan Miller. "Shortly after midnight three subjects forcibly entered the residence with face coverings and armed with a long barreled type weapon. Once entry was made the defendant produced a weapon and began firing multiple shots toward the armed subjects, striking two of the individuals. "The subjects fled the scene and later showed up at East Ridge Hospital, where one of the subjects identified as Issac Robinson died from multiple gunshot wounds. "An additional subject identified as Michael Shadden also suffered gunshot wounds to his back and was hospitalized."

SC: Granny Get Your Glock - More citizens apply for gun permits: "These days, a lot of law-abiding folks who never had much interest in gun ownership are rethinking self-defense. Sawyer's class was an eclectic mix of talents from first-time shooters -- well into their AARP years - to experienced hunters and military veterans, fluent with weapons. Some of the women looked like they'd be more comfortable at choir practice than shooting targets. But don't let bifocals and sweet manners fool you. "Before I'd let a punk hurt me, I'd blow him up and sleep good tonight," Sawyer told the students assembled at Calvary Baptist Church in Aynor for the all-day course. "I aint afraid of King Kong, as long as I've got my Glock." Lorene Wright, 61, was among the first-time shooters. She borrowed a friend's gun for the class but will probably buy a weapon for protection once her permit comes through. "I like to walk. It isn't safe, even walking with a dog," said Wright, who processes loans at Horry County State Bank. "I'm a Christian and I feel like the Lord's my greatest protector, but I think we've got to use common sense in the world we live in, so I want to be legal."

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