Thursday, March 17, 2011

ID: Ex-lover shot as he threatens new boyfriend: "Bilsky, 58, was acting in self-defense when he fired on Larson, according to testimony from a probable cause hearing on Monday. Bilsky told investigators he proceeded to the gate, where he found Adams on the ground and Larson kneeling nearby. Bilsky told detectives Larson drew the weapon on him and ordered him to leave. Bilsky said he began to back away and drew his own weapon. Investigators concluded that Larson fired first and ended up using all six shots in his .44-caliber Ruger revolver. Bilsky fired twice, Johnston told the court. Only Larson was injured during the exchange. “Is it fair to say Bilsky’s actions were a result of him attempting to defend himself as well as to defend Lora?', Greenbank asked Johnston during the hearing. “Yes,” Johnston replied. Judge Barbara Buchanan found there was sufficient cause to charge Larson with two felony assault counts for threatening Adams and attempting to shoot Bilsky."

OH: Man says he shot at four males who attacked him: "An Elyria man said he shot at four males who jumped him overnight. Police were called to the man’s Berwick Court home about 9:45 p.m. after the man’s girlfriend called to report she’d heard shots fired outside. Albert Goldsmith, 49, who has a concealed-carry permit, also contacted a dispatcher to report the shots had been him firing at attackers, according to a police report. Goldsmith told officers he had first observed four young black males walking around the apartment complex’s parking lot looking into cars. Goldsmith got his gun from his home and went out looking for the men. His girlfriend contacted police to report two of them were in the area of Berwick Court and Brunswick Drive and two others were hiding in a bush. The dispatcher told her to call back if the men re-entered the parking lot, the report said. Goldsmith told officers the men attacked him, and he fired two rounds at one of the men somewhere on Brunswick Drive, the report said."

TX: Self defense accepted in killing of hefty sister-in-law: "A Llano man was acquitted by a jury for First Degree Murder at the Blanco County Courthouse in Johnson City in the 424th Judicial District. Hilary Matthew "Matt" Steelman had been on trial for the death of his sister-in-law after he shot her in the head at his parents’ home located at the 200 block of Lagitos Lane in Rio Llano. Roxianne was taken to Brackenridge Hospital where she died six days later. Davis told the jury that Roxianne weighted 287 pounds and was 5 feet and 11 inches tall, a significant size difference compared to the defendant. Davis reminded the jury that once the gun was pointed at her, according to the defendant, Roxianne said "You ain’t got the balls," just before she lunged at Steelman. Davis asked the jury if the situation had been gender reversed, if it were a woman who shot and caused the death of a man who significantly outweighed her, would there have been a case to go to trial in the first place. He commented that Roxianne was capable of inflicting serious bodily injury to Steelman."

TN: Shootout after attempted robbery of market; No injuries: "On Wednesday, store owner Kamil Alakabi described what happened. “They came straight to me, and they don't say nothing. They just put the gun in my face. When they put the gun in my face, I tried to grab his gun, and they put me on the floor, and they punched me with their gun in my shoulder,” said Alakabi. He instantly fell to the floor and immediately tried to grab one man’s gun. That's when, Alakabi said, he thinks the men were startled by another worker on the other side of the aisle. “When they saw my buddy back there, they run to him. And I grab my gun and keep shooting them. When I keep shooting them and they keep shooting me, they run away you know,” Alakabi said."

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