Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Radio Shack: Free gun with your Dish Network: "Culture is a strange thing. Elements that appear normal in one culture--say, drinking a beer on the street when you're as old as 20--are reviled in another. So one has to accept that pockets of humanity see the world in their own way. However, a promotion by Radio Shack in Hamilton, Mont., might move one or two people to move there just to benefit from its full-bore imaginative core. For the Ravalli Republic reports that the Radio Shack Super Store in Hamilton has a very fine sign of the times outside its store. It reads: "PROTECT YOURSELF WITH DISH NETWORK SIGN UP NOW GET FREE GUN."

Changes Coming to New Jersey Gun Laws: "The question posed to the author was, “In light of federal court decisions striking down gun restrictions in Chicago and Washington, D.C., do you believe New Jersey will have to change some of its strict gun laws?” Most certainly. For the last forty years the legislature, via a combination of ignorance, arrogance and no small measure of hoplophobia has finally managed to box itself into a corner with regard to the way it treats the fundamental right to firearms as codified in the Second Amendment. The entire foundation of New Jersey’s blatantly unconstitutional gun laws is found in a 1968 State Supreme Court decision; Burton v. Sills. This decision relied on an intellectually bankrupt and now discarded interpretation of the Second Amendment as pertaining only to “the militia” or National Guard. This definition is more commonly known as the “collectivist interpretation” which was eliminated once and for all in the 2008 Supreme Court case Heller v. DC."

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