Monday, March 07, 2011

IN: Woman shot ex-boyfriend after he attacked her: "Police said a 53-year-old woman shot her ex-boyfriend after he broke into her house and started beating her. Donald Bryant, 40, approached the woman in the 2300 block of West 19th Avenue while she was starting her car, according to a police report. Bryant said he wanted to talk with her about getting back together, the report said. She ran into the house and he chased her inside and pushed in the door while she yelled for her sister to call 911, Lt. Sam Roberts said. Bryant "began punching her with his fist and began to grab and choke her," Roberts said. The victim pulled out a gun and shot Bryant in the stomach, police said. Bryant was arrested for residential entry and battery after being transported to Methodist Hospital Northlake Campus in Gary. The woman was not arrested"

Utah: Judge says suit over mall shooting gun sale can go on: "A state judge on Monday said a pawnshop owner will face a civil trial over whether a gun used in a Utah mall shooting that killed five people was sold illegally. Third District Judge Glenn K. Iwasaki in Salt Lake City said in a statement that disputed facts on whether the gun was intended to be used as a shotgun will move the case to a jury trial. Both sides said they expect the case to go to trial next year. Talovic, a Bosnian immigrant, was 18 when he bought the gun. He died in a shootout with police after opening fire in the mall. The pawnshop's lawyers argued at a Feb. 14 hearing that the case should be dismissed. Mike Hansen, an attorney for Rocky Mountain Enterprises, also known as Sportsman's Fast Cash, said the gun was sold legally because it was a shotgun and there was no way to foresee what Talovic would do after he purchased the gun."

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Wireless.Phil said...


"whether the gun was intended to be used as a shotgun"?

Am I misunderstanding this?

Used as a shotgun?
Or don't they know what the hell they're talking about?