Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IL: Amish gun owners face tough choice: "Amish gun owners in Illinois face a showdown over their religious teachings and their Second Amendment rights .... The Amish have a religious edict against having their photo taken. Up till now, the state had allowed them to obtain an FOID card without a photo, as is required of every other gun owner. But last month, the state police director reversed that policy, and said photos would be required of every gun owner, Amish or not." [Why pick on these harmless people?]

How did you get more human rights than me?: "Chicago’s now ex-mayor Daley is back in town. He’s talking about guns. Typically, those who want gun laws 'abhor violence' and yet they use violence to try and get what they want. Ironic. Yes, if there were no guns, there would be no gun violence. But let’s return to the real world for a moment. Fewer guns may translate into less gun violence, but if I can’t possess a gun then the only gun violence that can occur in my world is gun violence against me."


C. S. P. Schofield said...

Sadly, I can imagine very good reason to require the Amish to have photo ID's. While the Amish are pacifistic, they are not the only religious group that objects to photo ID's, and there is a significant sub-set of the Muslim that embraces violence with a passion that is positively indecent. You require the Amish to do what 'everybody else' does, so that the Islamic camel pesterers can't schweem about discrimination.

Or, rather, that would be what was going on if our government was being run by people with the common sense that God gave a turnip. As things are I have to suspect that we are merely seeing the consequences of giving any degree of authority to a self-important twit.

Anonymous said...

Gun registration may already violate the second amendment. Should we not look for alternatives before we start stripping first amendment rights also?