Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MI: Market Worker Shot, Killed Robber: "A local market owner took justice into his own hands when police said two men tried to rob his business. Flint police told TV5 two people came in the door on a mission to rob Jules Market, but Edmund Joubran, who works at his parents' business, fired before the robbers could. "One guy came around the corner and showed my son his gun,” said Joubran. "As he's handing him the money, he pulls out his gun and shot him. Its hard on him because he shot someone.” Police said one of the two robbers struck by the bullets died on his way to the hospital. Police said the other robber is wounded and still on the run."

Should the FBI know how many guns you own?: "The 'library records' provision of the so-called Patriot Act could also be known as the 'gun records' provision, because it also allows the FBI to seize the forms you use to buy guns. This infamous provision, Section 215, is a direct assault on your Fourth Amendment rights because it allows the FBI to obtain personal information about you, without a warrant and without your knowledge. Section 215 is set to expire in May, along with two other provisions. But Congress will probably renew these provisions unless it hears from YOU."

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