Sunday, March 27, 2011

TX: Hispanic fatally shot while attempting to rob father, son: "A man who attempted to rob a father and son at gunpoint Thursday night was fatally shot after the father wrestled the gun away from him and fired five times, Sheriff Omar Lucio said. Francisco Antonio Moreno, 31, of Brownsville, fled the scene with an accomplice, but was found dead a short time later near a neighborhood in Harlingen, Lucio said. The shooting occurred after Moreno, Ramon Cardoza, 21, of San Benito, and an unidentified man attempted to rob a family off of Rabb Road near La Feria Thursday night, Lucio said. Lucio identified Louis Earl Dixon as the man that was physically assaulted by the men. Dixon told investigators that he and his 21-year-old son were approached by three men, wearing masks, outside of their home Thursday night."

Tasers coming to Michigan? "Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Jeff Blackmer said he wishes the state legislature would holster attempts to allow stun guns under the state’s concealed weapons law. “People might treat (stun guns) like toys and they’re dangerous. There is an awful lot of power,” he said. Now, a bill to allow stun guns under the state’s concealed weapons law recently passed the state House. The bill would allow people to carry so-called “citizen Tasers,” if they undergo a training course and meet the standard requirements for getting a concealed weapons permit. Those include not having a felony criminal record or documented history of mental issues. Many legislators support the bill and say concerns about people misusing stun guns have simply not born out in the 43 states that already allow them."

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