Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MI: Armed Walgreens worker foils robbery: "There was one thing two robbers didn't anticipate when they barged into a Benton Township Walgreens drug store early Sunday and tried to march the workers into the back room: A worker already in back carried a handgun and knew how to use it. Benton Township police Lt. Delmar Lange said the worker fired multiple shots at one of the bandits, forcing the men to flee. "He could see the hostage situation developing," Lange said. "He could not retreat any further. He was in the back room. If it was me, I would have done the same thing. The robber tried to fire back but his gun malfunctioned. The robber and his partner then ran out. He said the worker was licensed to carry the concealed handgun. The robbers are each described as black males, about 6-feet tall, Lange said. One wore a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants."

TX: Burglar met with gunfire during attempted robbery: "The suspected burglar broke into a home on Midnight Moon Drive late Monday morning. The owner pulled a gun on him and started shooting. Police say none of the shots fired by the homeowner actually hit the burglar, and he was able to speed off in his car. A police chopper helped track the burglar to his home on Quicksilver Drive - only a couple miles away from the burglary. Police arrested the man and searched his home for evidence. "We were fortunate enough to have plain clothes detectives that were already monitoring this particular person, and knew exactly where he was going," explained Sgt. Michael Ross from the San Antonio Police Department. Police recovered a gun during their search."

KY: Road rager shot dead: "Su Hong Springer, 53, of Murfreesboro, was pronounced dead about 4:52 a.m. Monday at University Hospital from a single gunshot wound, said deputy coroner Jack Arnold. Police were told by witnesses that Springer’s Dodge Caravan was tailgating two northbound vehicles in a construction area near Glendale when those two vehicles, both acquaintances, exited the interstate. Video surveillance shows Springer following the vehicles to the gas station parking lot and a passenger side window being lowered on his vehicle. Police said a gun was pointed out of the Caravan window at occupants in a Nissan Rogue and soon after shots were fired from the Rogue, striking Springer once. Howard K. Wright, 24, of Memphis, was identified by police as the shooter. Wright had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, according to Officer Virgil Willoughby, a spokesman for Elizabethtown police. Willoughby said Wright was questioned but was not arrested"

PA: Man chases house scammers with antique rifle: "An elderly Pennsylvania man pointed an antique gun at shady workmen out of his home after they tried to charge him $11,700 to fix his roof, the Pocono Record reported Monday. Walter Peppel, of Middle Smithfield Township, 112 miles north of Philadelphia, said he felt like he was being trapped in a scam when three men came to his house and told him his roof needed to be fixed. ... Peppel, 86, said one of the men climbed into the roof cavity, and he claimed, dropped water on his head to convince him the work needed to be done.... Peppel became angry when the men refused his requests for them to leave so he fetched his antique Winchester 94-32 rifle that had belonged to his father and pointed it at them."

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