Tuesday, May 03, 2011

ND: State mental hospitals to become killing fields?: "Employees at North Dakota's state mental hospital in Jamestown won't be allowed to keep guns in their vehicles while they're at work. Last month, lawmakers passed a bill that says workers can keep firearms locked in their vehicles on company property even if their employers don't like it. The bill allowed employees at the Jamestown state hospital to bring firearms to work as long as the guns were kept in their vehicles. But on Friday the Legislature decided the new law shouldn't extend to state hospital employees."

High-profile gun bill advances in Minnesota House: "In a packed committee room — many in the audience wearing green buttons proclaiming, “Self Defense is a Human Right” — a House committee today (Thursday, April 28) heard and advanced controversial gun legislation. House Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committee Chairman Tony Cornish’s bill expands a person’s ability to defend themselves and their property against perceived threats through the use of deadly force. Although current state allows for the use of deadly force under certain conditions, Cornish’s bill would significantly change the law. For instance, it broadens the definition of dwelling to include all buildings on a person’s property, and also includes tents, motor homes, hotel rooms. The bill allows for a defender to meet force with superior force, and continue using that force until the threat is eliminated. Other provisions in the bill include the recognition of concealed carry gun permits issued in other states by Minnesota."

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