Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ND: Jury acquits man who shot at a group who smashed a window of his trailer: "The men found Tallman at home, with his gun already out on the breakfast bar near the front door. "He anticipated Delzer and his friends going to his house," Dillon said. "He knew they were coming. He's waiting for them." Dillon said the men stood in the entryway, and by their own admissions "were talking smack" to Delzer. "The defendant, with that gun in hand, says, 'Leave,'" she said. "'Get out of here. Leave.' And they did. They left that entryway." Delzer admitted pounding on the trailer, then Sanderson broke the window. Even so, Dillon said, three witnesses testified that all the men were walking away when the shooting began. In addition, she said the deadly accuracy of Tallman's fire defies the idea that he was terrified at the time."

OH: Ohio poised to approve concealed carry law allowing guns in bars, restaurants and stadiums: "The Ohio legislature is on the verge of approving one of the country's most wide-reaching bills allowing concealed firearms in places that serve alcohol, including bars and stadiums. Lawmakers who support the measure argue that Ohio is merely catching up to 42 other states that already allow concealed carry permit holders to tote their firearms in booze-pouring establishments."

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