Friday, May 06, 2011

MI: Teen shot by homeowner dies: "A 16 year old who was shot by a homeowner as he entered her house has died. The shooting happened at around noon Tuesday in the 1900 block of Roselawn near Cloverlawn. Family members say their mother, in her late 50s, told them a kid was climbing through the window and she warned him she had a gun. The incident ended with her shooting the intruder." [See also here]

OH: Homeowner shoots robbery suspect: "The homeowner said a man, a teenaged boy and a woman stormed into his house and tried to rob him. The elderly man says the three left only to return later to threaten him. One of the suspects reportedly went to take the homeowner's television set. That is when the homeowner says he opened fire, hitting a 20-year old suspect in the back. The three suspects fled."

TX: Burglary suspect runs from armed shop owner: "A gun-toting business owner caught a would-be burglar in the act Sunday, but the suspect risked being shot to get away before police arrived. ... The shop owner told police that the suspect started approaching him, so he raised a handgun he keeps with him at work and told the suspect to get on his knees and stay there. He then called 911 from a cellphone. The shop owner told police the suspect then started begging to leave, saying he was homeless, had a family and had already been to prison. When the shop owner said officers were coming, the suspect stood and said, 'You're just going to have to shoot me' and ran away."

CA: Man acquitted after shooting at gang banger: "A Cathedral City man who claimed self-defense for shooting at a neighbor was acquitted of attempted murder, his attorney said Thursday. Derek Nigel Lopez, 33, was also found not guilty on Wednesday of a charge of shooting at an occupied vehicle. Attorney Mark Sullivan told jurors that his client reacted in self-defense when he fired multiple rounds at Jose Luis Perez, who lived in an adjacent duplex in the 32-000 block of Monte Vista Road. None of the shots hit Perez. Three days earlier, Perez and several other members of the Barrio Cathedral City gang had beaten up Lopez's stepfather, Sullivan alleged. Lopez told law enforcement about the alleged attack, which angered Perez, the attorney said. "My client was being terrorized by this guy," Sullivan said. "Jose Luis Perez was retaliating against my guy Derek for snitching." Lopez first fired at Perez on June 20, 2008, from his rooftop because he saw Perez pointing a gun at him, Sullivan alleged. Lopez then fired more shots soon afterward because Perez drove a car toward him."

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