Sunday, May 29, 2011

MI: Walgreens pharmacist fired after he scared away would-be armed robbers by shooting at them: "To many, Jeremy Hoven is a hero who was wrongly sacked. The pharmacist, 36, was working at a Walgreens late at night in Benton Township, Michigan, when two armed and masked robbers allegedly tried to pull a stick up. Mr Hoven told the Herald-Palladium that one of the alleged robbers jumped over the counter, just a few steps away from him, after leading a store manager at gunpoint. So the pharmacist reportedly drew his own gun and fired three to four shots in the vicinity of the intruders. The two men scrambled off, their alleged robbery foiled. Police say one may have been hit, though Mr Hoven said he didn't see any blood anywhere. The three other employees at the store at the time have praised Mr Hoven for his bravery and quick thinking. No customers were apparently in the building. Still, Walgreens fired Mr Hoven eight days after the incident. [Boycott Walgreens!]

Gun Law Expert Commends House on Memorial Day Self-Defense Vote: "Members of the U.S. House of Representatives deserve Americans' thanks and commendation for voting to support the right to self-defense of our service men and women," gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today. The Mica Amendment would require the Secretary of Defense to ensure that the rules of engagement applicable to armed forces assigned to duty in a hostile fire area fully protect the service members' right to bear arms and authorizes the service members to fully defend themselves from hostile actions. "It is almost incredible that such a proposal even is necessary, but that is the sorry state of affairs to which our country has fallen under the Obama administration," said Snyder." Congressman Mica explained that he offered the amendment in response to pleas from armed forces personnel serving in combat zones around the world."

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