Friday, August 12, 2011

12 August, 2011

How times have changed

This would have been during WWII

CA: Intruder killed by son in house: "Investigators said on Thursday that an intruder killed in a home north of Salinas on Wednesday was a NorteƱo gang member suspected of coming to collect "taxes" on alleged drug sales. Officers said they believe Salinas East Market gang member Miguel Salvador Medina Jr., 19, and two other men had approached the Bolsa Knolls home armed and ready to demand drugs or cash as a payment that gangs commonly extort from competing dealers. Deputies said Medina, carrying a MAK-10 or similar rifle, was killed inside a residential garage in the 200 block of Pingree Way owned by electrical contractor Ronald Swim. Swim's son went to the garage and fired a .45-caliber handgun at Medina, officers said. It was unclear whether words were exchanged or if Medina fired his weapon.... the actual shooter in this case appears unlikely to be charged because investigators so far believe he acted in self-defense."

Gun safety at home: "An ever increasing number of people are purchasing firearms for home protection today. Many of these people are first time firearms owners who have decided for various reasons to add a layer of protection for their families. This means that many homes with firearms will also have children present and while good firearms safety storage measures are important to block access to all unauthorized persons, it's especially important to consider how to safeguard your children as well as to introduce them to any firearms you have in your home."

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